Data is grouped into categories and the number (or frequency) of observations in each category is obtained. Classification of Data and Tabular Presentation (i) Qualitative Classification of Data and Tabular Presentation Qualitative classification occurs when data are classified on the basis of qualitative attributes or qualitative. 2. TABULAR PRESENTATION Presentation of data in tables make them into a compact, concise and readily comprehensible form. If any row is lacking information for a particular column a missing value must be stored in that cell. For example, displaying comparisons and complex relationships. c] It saves space and time. Tables should fulfil two main criteria: they should be easy to read; and they should support the inference drawn by the analyst. Tabular Mode of presentation is the most accurate mode of presentation of data. Usually, graphs are used to present time series and frequency distributions. Table facilitates comparison. Title 3. The yFiles diagramming library contains comprehensive support for tabular data presentation, which builds on the general concept of grouped graphs. Data Presentation Methods Data Presentation Methods a. TYPES OF TABLES 1.Simple Table including one variable (quantitative or qualitative) and the corresponding frequency. d] Tabulated data can be easily presented in the form of diagrams and graphs. Record: A collection of related fields, i.e., fields related to the same case (or respondent). They can display the characteristics of data more efficiently than the raw data. tabular presentation Quantitative social science results are most commonly presented in the form of an analytic table. Field: A collection of characters that represents a single type of data. Missing for a general discussion of missing values.) Textual Mode of presentation is layman’s method of presentation of data. For instance, an email message has a sender’s name, which is a string; a subject line, which is a string; a sent date, which is a date; whether it’s been read, which is a Boolean; and so on. Individuals cannot simultaneously manage more than this amount of data in memory at one time and a graph provides a compact method of synthesizing all of the data into a single image. TABULAR PRESENTATION OF DATA. When you present numbers on your slides, you can expect two types of reactions from your audience. Analysis and presentation of data 4.1 INTRODUCTION This chapter discusses the data analysis and findings from 107 questionnaires completed by adolescent mothers who visited one of the two participating well-baby clinics in the Piet Retief (Mkhondo) area during 2004. In a tabular presentation, data is arranged in columns and rows, and the positioning of data makes comprehension and understanding of data more accessible. (a) Textual presentation: This is a descriptive form. Objectives of Tabulation: a] Helps in understanding and interpreting the data easily. Tables have uses in software development for both high-level specification and low-level implementation. Remove all gridlines; Reduce the gap width between bars #3 Combo Chart. Besides textual and tabular presentations of statistical data, the third and perhaps the most attractive and commonly used popular modem device to exhibit any data in a systematic manner is to represent them with suitable and appropriate diagrams and pictures. The above two types of graphs can be combined to create a combo chart with bars and lines. No specific skill(s) is/are required. They can display the characteristics of data more efficiently than the raw data. Tabulation – Orderly arrangement of data in rows and columns. While graphical presentation of data is the most popular and widely used in the research, textual presentation allows the researcher to present qualitative data that cannot be presented in graphical or tabular forms. Rows and columns can be: added, removed, resized, and also; reordered. Tabular presentation Presentation of data in tables so as to organize the data into a compact, concise and readily comprehensible form. Tables are useful for data with specific amounts rather than approximations. Here is a quick tip, fonts of the sans-serif group are the best for your Excel spreadsheet if readability is your goal. (See Zero vs. It involves the orderly and systematic presentation of numerical data in a form designed to explain the problem under consideration. Tabular presentation; Diagrammatic presentation; 1. presentation software; tables specified in HTML or another markup language; Software development. The merit of this mode of presentation lies in its simplicity and even a layman can present data by this method. Cross tabulation is a tabular method for simultaneously summarizing the data … Tabular Presentation 3. Tabulation helps in drawing the inference from the statistical figures. Introduction: Tabular Presentation. One set of audience hates numbers and tunes off. Narrative or Textual Presentation – Data is narrated in a story-fashion b. Tabular Presentation – Detailed information presented in a more compact way in rows and columns (table) c. Graphical Presentation – Data presented in a more dramatic fashion in graphs, diagrams, charts, and other pictorial representations 4. Presentation of data is of utter importance nowadays. This is very useful when presenting two data series that have a very different scale and might be expressed in different units. Apart from diagrams, Graphic presentation is another way of the presentation of data and information. The observations with exact magnitude can be presented with the help of textual presentation. 3. Tabular method of data presentation is wide spread in all spheres of human life. Textual presentation of data means presenting data in the form of words, sentences and paragraphs. It requires a lot of skill to prepare, and some skill(s) to understand. It brings out the chief/main characteristics of data. In Figure 5, over 700 data points are summarized on the graph. (b) Tabular Presentation: Here, the technique is to represent the data through a complete and comprehensive statistical table and the method so followed is known as tabulation. This is suitable when quantity of data is not too large. Parts or components of Table: 1. (2) To Bring Out Essential Features of the Data. The most common way of presentation of data is in the form of statements. A table consists of several boxes with information inside. The tabular matrix template shows three different design arrangement of rows and columns. In this article, the techniques of data and information presentation in textual, tabular, and graphical forms are introduced. Tabular data are inherently rectangular and cannot have “ragged rows”. The usual and effective means in this context are: graphs, charts, pictures, etc. 1. Calibri, Helvetica, Arial or Playfair are few examples. Font size. Tabulation– It is the process of presenting data in the form of a table. PRESENTATION OF STATISTICAL DATA Statistical data can be presented in three different ways: (a) Textual presentation, (b) Tabular presentation, and (c) Graphical presentation. Table Number 2. Furthermore, this type of presentation can be taken as the first step towards the other methods of presentation. Not everyone in your audience likes to crunch numbers. The process of placing classified data into tabular form is known as tabulation. File: A collection of related records, i.e. Example 1.3. Tabulation facilitates comparison as data are presented in compact and organised form. Graphical Presentation . If used with the right alignment, spacing, and color, they can bring out the best in your Excel presentation. Diagrammatic Presentation 4. records related to the same sample. Frequency distribution is a type of tabular method. Advantages of tabular presentation of data: 1. Tips. Anyone can prepare, anyone can understand. In this article, we will look at the graphic presentation of data and information along with its merits, limitations, and types. Tabular Representation of Data. The provided functionality covers the "look" as well as the "feel," i.e., table structures with rows and columns can be both rendered and also interactively edited. It reduces the bulk of information, i.e. It may be simple, double or complex depending upon the type of classification. 2) Typical queries will map a record identifier onto one or more variables. Also Check: Tabular Presentation of Data. Tabulated data can be easily understand and interpreted. Numbers are distracting. The type of data affects the advantages and disadvantages of tables and graphs, explains the University of Syracuse. The table, so constructed, must include all the given information. These methods are used to summarize data from a sample or population into table format. Tables take viewers longer to comprehend and read due to the structure, and they also do not provide a simplistic method for capturing trends in data. Learn 5 ways to make your audience understand your message in 2 seconds or less. The Flat Tabular Matrix PowerPoint Template is a simple layout for presentation of various data types. b] It helps in comparing data. What is Tabulation of data and Parts of table Or Tabular Presentation of data? Rows are horizontal arrangements whereas columns are vertical arrangements. Types of Tabulation (1) Simple Tabulation or One-way Tabulation. A table is a set of data arranged in rows and columns and is one of the most common way of putting information across to people. (ii) Characteristics of a Phenomenon . The opposite of textual presentation is graphical presentation of data. A rectangular arrangement of data in which the data are positioned in rows and columns. The rows are usually in some particular order. Tabulation prepares the ground for analysis and interpretation. The first row and the first column are generally used to denote the titles. E.x., Unemployement in punjab by sex and location location sex rural … Classification of data and tabular presentation i) Qualitative classification Qualitative data occours when the data are classified on the basis of qualitative characteristics for a phenomenon.

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