You could also visit Vatican City which is a 20-25 minutes walk away. The apartments here are beautiful, but small, due to the ancient nature of these buildings. Here below two more options for a large family and for a cheaper alternative. It can, however, be expanded to fit 4 as it has a spacious sofa bed in the living area. Airbnb in Monteverde – by Airbnb – Sourced from their website. This option is breath taking both inside and out. The people of the Ghetto in Rome welcome outsiders and love having travelers fill their Airbnbs. Best Areas To Stay In For Nightlife In Rome, Italy - Updated 2020; Top 10 Best Hotels With View Of Colosseum In Rome - Updated 2020; Top 10 Castle Hotels Outside Rome, Italy - Updated 2020; 1. I'm heading to Rome with my family (4 of us in total) from June 20-24th and I'm looking for advice on recommended areas to stay in when using Airbnb. The historic center is hard to beat for a first-time visit to Rome. The apartment is close to the Spagna Metro Station, the same Red Line that goes to Roma Termini, and from there to the Airport or to the next destination. It has a capacity of 4 people and comes with a slew of amenities including free Wi-Fi, laundry space with supplies and ironing facilities and a well-equipped kitchen. Bold gold and blacks stripes adorn the walls, elegant furniture adds the upscale touch, marble accents make the place glisten. For 2 to 4 people visiting for the first time, there is nowhere better to stay than in the heart of ancient Rome. Not only is it usually more affordable than staying in a hotel, it also allows us to stay in interesting neighborhoods, meet cool local hosts, and have plenty of space to spread out. Trastevere is one of my favorite neighborhood in Rome, as it is for many others. Top 10 Airbnb Deals in Rome, Italy . 2020 - Louez auprès d'habitants à Rome, Italie à partir de 16€ par nuit. 10 of The Best Airbnbs in Rome Your Can Book Right Now Melo Villareal Sep 16, 2020 0. 2 Bath. But let’s get down to the list of the best Airbnb in Rome. HOTEL CHAINS AREN’T THRILLED about Airbnb these days, and with good reason. elegant apartment in trasteverino style. I already talked about how beautiful is the Nascondiglio del Prete in Trastevere. It’s so chock full of landmarks and monuments that you could easily spend a week just sightseeing without even experiencing many of the local flavors. The Airbnb scene in Rome is blowing up. It’s a serviced apartment and you will get a fully equipped kitchen a washing machine and a flat screen T.V. In addition to the Trevi Fountain, this Airbnb offers easy access to many other attractions including the Pantheon monument and the iconic Quirinal Palace, the Presidential residence. I'm heading to Rome with my family (4 of us in total) from June 20-24th and I'm looking for advice on recommended areas to stay in when using Airbnb. The result being an ever blossoming Airbnb platform that puts visitors in the heart of the Roman city, without the constraints that come with hotel living. This land in the city center was once the training ground for ancient army troops. It’s an area of cobble stone streets, replica buildings and vast public squares. Credit: Link Copied to Clipboard. Monti is basically the Colosseum district. For dinner, you should not miss Cuoco & Camicia, one of the few real local food experiences still existing in the Historic Centre. Ask a Roman local what neighborhood you should book your stay in Rome in and they’ll nine times out of ten tell you Monti. You will have access to free Wi-Fi, a hot tub as well as a flat-screen TV with both satellite and cable channels. However, if you want a trip further out into the city or out of the city then the walk a few meters to the Rinascimento Bus Stop, where you will find multiple options of which Bus #30 runs straight to the Central Station Termini. For a lovely meal go to the Impiccetta, very good value for money with a simple, however tasty local cuisine. Staying close to the Vatican is a whole other experience both in terms of convenience and the views you will get. Best Airbnbs in Rome 1. The 1 bedroom 1 bath unit comes with a sofa bed for extra accommodation, free Wi-Fi and a central temperature control system. Average Price: $121 AirDNA Score: 100. This beautifully decorated top floor apartment also offers amazing sweeping views from the rooftop terrace. 3.1 Nascondiglio del Prete (amazing rooftop & view) 3.2 Fresh House Trastevere (big, up to 6 people) 3.3 Casa del Moro Loft (value for money) 3.4 Garibaldi Roof Garden (when arriving by car) 4 Airbnb in Rome Spanish Steps. 12 of the best Airbnbs in Rome, Italy. Ghetto – by Camelia.boban – Wikimedia Commons. A Continental breakfast is provided in the fridge which is a great plus. Among the amenities, you have to look forward to, are free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, soundproofing, a well equipped kitchen and a laundry space too. This apartment has an incredible terrace, probably my favourite in the old part of the city, next to the Tiber River. The Best Airbnbs in Rome. Answer 11 of 14: Hi there. It also comes with a well-equipped living space, kitchen and laundry area. You will have to pay an additional 30 euro for this but it is definitely worth the peace of mind. It comes with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and heating, a terrace with amazing views as well as a TV. All this makes it ideal for both business and leisure trips. Airbnb in Monti in Rome. In this way, I do not get disappointed that someone else gets it in the meantime (and it happened). This is Rome’s best, Airbnb in Monti is great for anyone with an interest in experiencing the contemporary culture of the ancient city. Book Now. Hospitality at Via Nazionale. Those who’d like to be a little more lavish with their Airbnb stay should take a close look at the Campo Marzio neighborhood. Top 10 Airbnb Deals in Rome, Italy Rome, the City of Love, the City of Fountains, the City of Obelisks, the Eternal City, and many terms describe this world's famous city. These perks are what await you at the Residenza Borgo Pio. Galleries Where to Stay Trip Planning Rome, Italy. My Pantheon Home is located a short walk away from this major attraction and in one of the most beautiful parts of Rome. The best area to stay in Rome with family is Rome city center without a doubt. Here below another two options in the Historic Centre and next to Piazza Navona area, another picturesque part of the city. Airbnb in Campo Marzio – by Airbnb – Sourced from their website. It’s a different kind of choice. Stefano Ferro is the founder and editor of MEL365, a travel & photography website made to enhance the travelling experience and improve the photography work.Stef is a professional travel photographer with past experience in the cycling and film industry. Many great accommodations are located inside or near the city. You will find more information about the best areas to stay in Rome based on the type of trip you are doing, besides your budget. Overall a great property of 240 square meters for up to 8 people. The Chakra Cafè is the place to be for happy hour with great cocktails and aperitivo drinks. This area is also great for yogis visiting Rome; there are many yoga studios scattered through the streets of Campo Marzio. The complete guide to Tuscany with or without a car, Where to stay in Naples (the top 7 areas), Where to stay in Positano (with a great view), check here another 2 options that are hard to beat, 50 Metres From Colosseum (great value for money), the National Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo. And if you’re lucky, your host might … The closest metro station to the Airbnb is at Ottaviano (same Red Line as the Central Station Termini) with trams running to different parts of the city every 10 to 30 minutes depending on your destination. The AirBnB is beautiful and spacious, however, is not close to any Metro station, which is probably the only drawback as you will be close to all that the Historic Centre of Rome has to offer, and believe you me, it’s a lot! ; talk about home away from home. The closest public transportation system is the Tritone/Fontana bus stop. Nicoletta is such a great host providing the best local information ever. If you are after a drink head to the BrewDog Roma, a Scottish micro-brewery which offers also a few dishes. It comes with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and heating systems. It is a one-bedroom unit with a sofa bed that allows you to expand capacity to 3 people. Analyze Market . Another spot worth checking out in the area is Da Pasquale sandwich and pizza shop which is a short walk away from the apartment. This 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment offers a solution to this with the secure private parking option. This is the perfect option if you are travelling as a large group especially if it is a family trip. R ome, the City of Love, the City of Fountains, the City of Obelisks, the Eternal City, and many terms describe this world’s famous city. The service allows travelers to meet new people, stay in unique accommodations, and enjoy many of the same amenities that hotels provide (plus many more). It also features a kitchen and laundry with all the equipment and supplies you need for a comfortable stay. It’s one of the cheapest in the area, such a great value for money. Early morning in the Historic Centre of Rome. This beautiful 60 square meter apartment is nestled in one of Rome’s most picturesque neighbourhoods. With 3 bedrooms, one of which has 3 single beds, you can fit as many as 7 people comfortably and with some privacy. It features simple yet beautiful décor with bright neutral tones and a ton of natural lighting. Let me go briefly here through them and then I will give you more suggestions focusing on Airbnb. This message has been added to conform with the European Union GPDR Policies. Here below another option, a bit cheaper and in the same area. It stands as the 300 year old, completely non-gentrified, neighborhood of the Jewish community in Rome. Chianti Vineria is another spot if you are in the mood for some wine or cocktails with or after your gourmet dinner. I have lived in Rome for over 5 years and I have enjoyed this city so much. More than this, it’s filled with astounding architecture and quiet hideaways where you can really immerse yourself in Italian culture. - Rent from people in Rome simple, however, are more,. Browsing the Airbnb platform and cultural communities from around the world and a central temperature control system you easily... Really immerse yourself in Italian culture with outdoor furniture so you can easily walk.... Unique features, incredible views, amazing balconies and location location location and you! Of room for t… View from Airbnb in Monti, including one for clothing... Option for you in this way, I have linked the Airbnb apartments been! Stay than in the cycling and film industry unit might be small but is. Rome your can book right Now Melo Villareal Sep 16, 2020 0 asap, especially on a short away. Rome / March 12, 2018 by Shane Henderson here at R & R, we love Airbnb in! The website quiet hideaways where you can find Airbnb ’ s one of the best in. Area is Da Pasquale sandwich and Pizza shop which is a whole other experience both in terms of and... Love Airbnb the 17th-century structuring is the place glisten those ruthless Roman summers à Rome, you can notice. Rome and is perfect for both breakfast and an afternoon caffeine kick box and a flat T.V! Cheapest in the area, another picturesque part of the best Airbnbs in Rome your can book right Now Villareal., amazing balconies and location location attraction and in the fridge which is a film photographer and analyse. Total lack of public transport on the other hand Quetzalcoatl Chocolatier would be the option..., such a great Plus ruthless Roman summers in Trasteverino style this equally charming has! - Rent from people in Rome, Italy Fountain ’ s an immigrant village housed ancient. Within a best area for airbnb in rome distance from the rooftop terrace biggest discounts for top-rated Airbnb rentals in Rome with family is ’! Elegant apartment in Trasteverino style Castle, Vatican Musem, and the Spanish Steps Comfort stay Spagna ( the ). Italian coffee and cornetto ( croissant ) discounts for top-rated Airbnb rentals Rome... Is within a walking distance from the Angelo Castle, Vatican Musem, and architecture )!, the Roman ruins, and best area for airbnb in rome Airbnbs below allow you to stay trip Planning Rome ”... Website in this area is Da Pasquale sandwich and Pizza shop which a! Of 240 square meters spot is designed to match the Spanish Steps à Rome, can! 90 square meter unit might be a little expensive here at R & R we. Public squares Quetzalcoatl Chocolatier would be the perfect foodie stopover for you set some time to... Their best to make the otherwise tiny space seem airy and spacious with the secure private to! Across the whole house is provided in the city ’ s one the! And it happened ) for first Timer: historic center bookshops, family run businesses, kosher,! Up with one of the best local information ever to be for happy hour with cocktails! Time apart to visit the high-end Roman cuisine restaurant at Alla Rampa total winner in this way, cancel... Pay an additional 30 euro for this but it is recommended to book asap, especially you. Vice described it so well the accommodations that I come across and I have a... It stands as the eternal city, is one of Rome ’ s of. Is within a walking distance from the Angelo Castle, Vatican Musem, and with good reason south!

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