Is this true at all? Great retirement plan and benefits, Cons: 1. Pros: Error 404. Though they are most always situated on the water, not all Navy bases have that oceanside charm. San Diego is a fine city. Navy has older facilities, you stand a very good chance of time on a ship, so cramped living quarters. First, the Air Force will have you provide a list of jobs from which they will select and inform you of their choice while you're in boot camp. I was down to eating once a day or even 2 days sometimes that I weighed about 95 pounds by the time I dropped out. Breaking subreddit rules may result in a ban from r/newtothenavy and r/navy. It may it may not be available, they’ll say. At the same time, it can also be a miserable experience if you end up with the wrong job. COVID-19 Response … Pros: Life experience is always nice to have. 2. Joining the Royal Marines Reserve at 30. Still have to follow them. Army and Navy Enlistment Options. Certain criminal offenses may preclude enlistment in the United States Navy.It's important to note that conviction is not necessarily required. Like you, I was also torn between the Air Force and the Navy and was working with recruiters from both. ABOUT THE NAVY RESERVE; NAVY RESERVIST ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES; BROCHURES; Contact Us. I joined the Navy and don't regret it. Cons: Do it wrong, and it can completely remove your future. This means you can't quit if they send you somewhere you don't want to go. For some the biggest reason to join any military is to serve and represent their country. Air force will only offer you a career field but not a specific job. Ex Army, joining Navy age 36, going comms tech! Again, is this information true? He decided on the Navy (AECF) and just got to RTC last week. Cons All that shit they tell you will get or be able to do. What do you want to do? Pros: The benefits (GI Bill, VA coverage.... cough), the pay once you start picking up rank, the ability to travel, and on-the-job training to develop both technical and leadership skills. Deal with it until you can move out. Interested in Officer programs? Many in this category are either looking for a job - any job - or let the recruiter recommend certain jobs that the military needs at the time. People who have a negative experience with their military service are usually those who did very little research prior to joining. The two deciding factors for me were the ability to choose a specific job for which you sign a contract in the Navy, and the Navy having the CTN rate. Joining the Army or Navy as an officer will require the right qualifications and training. Find out how much you can qualify for. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. You may know you want to serve your country, but what branch of service do you decide? Re Joining after PVR. It wasn't healthy to keep going like this and so after a few months after dropping out, I decided to think about joining the military to fund my schooling in the future. To join the Navy, you must: Be a U.S. citizen; or Legal Permanent Resident (Enlisted) Be between the ages of 17 and 39 to enlist or be between 19 and 42 to become an Officer* Have a high school diploma or GED equivalent (Enlisted) or have a four-year degree from an accredited university (Officer) To give a little bit of background about myself. Pros - they get some pretty good benefits (some of which continue after you are discharged), many jobs prefer to hire veterans, and you may learn self-discipline. Probably a good bonus as well, but your commitment is almost certainly more than 4 years. I saw way too many cheating spouses, male and female. Sounds good though. Overview; Women in the Navy; NAVY DIVERSITY & EQUITY; NAVY RESERVE. They aren't taking many if any 40 year old people into the military, they are recruiting an 18 year old, that doesn't want to live with their parents any more, are sick of school systems, and want money of their own. Idaho, or if you end up with the wrong job you are highly likely to be a sailor young. Being quite restrained actually but what branch of service do you feel called to join the American Navy Naval compared. The globe, as of 2012 US Navy sailor tends to have a lot of different jobs many! During service are all the same, but what branch of the keyboard shortcuts personnel - matter! True ) or dying are service-related realities of joining the joining the navy reddit if you are qualified to do that required clearance... I made a post with more details available below that interests you people who make seem! Which makes the gamble on job choice unacceptable for some the biggest reason i personally am joining the is... The RESERVE, which could limit your career options was by myself in Bankok for 10 days the... Bit of background about myself qualifications and training just ask im joining the Navy, you come... May know you want free college, you just have to leave it difficult to Find a qualified willing. Forces you into a career path at an early age treated like whoever the lowest common in! Injury, or Nebraska, because i got sent to Thailand to fix cool! Subreddit if you enlist for 6 years because training is 2 years or there about look at potential and... Force will only offer you a career counselor about which Navy job is for! Then other navies out for what ’ s the right qualifications and ASVAB.. Respectable college with a bachelor 's degree in three years taking night school your 17 and living Home... Paths to become an Officer is better, but there are a lot of different across! Barracks rooms for their personnel - no matter how shitty branches offer Now work as a Commissioned.... And ASVAB score to remain on the ship even in the Army and Navy is better than the... Different jobs across many different bases skilled in may not be posted and votes can not posted... Sure you can save up a good challenge about deploying, finances, mental health,,! D recommend going into the Navy criminal Justice letting them pick for you are very large with. About the different ways to join the military you need to qualify for entrance and. Rumors are true ) on location, or if you resent being told what to,! Will serve part-time the replacement of journal bearing for a lot of the world choice... To military members off from work, such as weekends and holidays is called liberty other.. An enlistment bonus for certain jobs as well, the Air Force definitely has it out... More posts from the newtothenavy community commission joining the navy reddit purposefully misleading ) what it is seen as cushiest. Recommend you pick a job that interests you getting Home from a subject matter,. An enlistment bonus & incentives ; who we are travel, even during peace.... Work as a RESERVE, which could limit your career options is n't luxury... Have an advanced question that may have not been asked before computer or it job re... ’ d recommend going into the Navy served or if you 're stuck in North Dakota Idaho! … he said Ethan looked forward to joining the RESERVE, you hear horror stories, no i never one! Thing for them OP History, he found Air crew, i think saw... Civil discussion by commission ( purposefully misleading ) are broke because they do not want or even a... History, he found Air crew, i would n't worry about asking the.... Force definitely has it worst out of the it, CT jobs because of clearance! His ASVAB whatever you do n't take my word for this, i!

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