And then the third part is, in terms of delivery, what delivery sales at each brand if possible are going through the third-party marketplace apps and which ones are going through your brand apps? I'll start with a quick summary of Q1 results, but then I'll spend the majority of my time sharing my views on the key drivers of our performance and the confidence we have in our teams and plans across each of our brands to continue driving strong systemwide sales growth around the world. We remodeled about 50 or so restaurants in the quarter. Thanks for the question. At the segment level, Tim Hortons' first quarter adjusted EBITDA was $237 million, which represents a 1.1% organic increase year-over-year. Jeffrey Bernstein -- Barclays Capital -- Analyst. The conference has now concluded. You see some shifts in the level of competition and the nature of the -- and the competitor shift from time to time. And I think it's really exciting for us to be able to look at the business in a new way, understand how people interact with our brands better. But … Burger King is probably the most direct competitor for McDonald's, with its staple Whopper challenging the Big Mac in the burger war. Thank you. As it relates to the Impossible, that we had very positive guest reaction in St. Louis, as I mentioned earlier, exceeding our expectations. First of, my question, I just wanted to get your thoughts on what we're seeing in terms of delivery traffic as potentially just shifting some of business between daypart, such as to say, breakfast seems broadly weak in the industry and yet, dinner is getting better, I think because it benefits from delivery. The first factor was severe weather across Canada throughout the quarter, which resulted in a drag on comparable sales growth of approximately 1% in Q1. It's very much in line with what we saw in the results in the test and the impact on same-store sales was modestly positive initially and we think there is a huge guest uptake that we feel -- we're just beginning a loyalty and what it can do for the business long term. US Restaurants Coverage. As this was my first quarter as CEO, I spent a considerable amount of time traveling around the world, meeting with many of our franchise partners and restaurant owners, and our teams across each of our brands to discuss all the growth opportunities we see and our plans to achieve them. The plant-based burger will only be available for a limited time. Quick Analysis with our professional Research Service: Content Marketing & Information Design for your projects: Industry-specific and extensively researched technical data (partially from exclusive partnerships). International system-wide sales grew approximately 18%, with 6.5% comparable stores sales growth and close to 10% unit expansion. Our net unit growth slowed slightly in Q1 versus last year to 5.7%, primarily as a result of plant closures in our home market. Please go ahead. Let's quickly review the agenda for today's call. You seemed to have pulled back decently on the level of discounting in the business in the US in particular. Market data powered by FactSet and Web Financial Group. It's the only way to get close to our guests, our franchise partners and restaurant owners, and our teams, and it's the only way I know how to run a restaurant business. And we think there is incremental growth to our core business here and we are not seeing guest swap the original Whopper for the Impossible Whopper. We generated more than 6 billion media impressions and we saw, and we're seeing a solid sales opportunity for the business. Market value per share (ZARc) - at period-end. So I'm just wondering if you could provide some color in terms of your expectations. Since 3G Capital acquired Burger King in 2010, the chain’s average unit volume in … We already have hundreds of US restaurants in the pipeline to be remodeled to this standard in 2019, and are excited about the continued reinvestment and evolution of our Burger King brand in the US. -/AFP/Getty Images Burger King … We've seen a very good start. The Tims team is working on new plans to drive a successful reboot of the program next year, including seamless digital integration. This was a great experience, filled with a lot of valuable insights that left me incredibly excited about our long-term prospects to continue growing all three of our iconic brands, both in our home markets and all around the world. We've had very positive social media reactions from local guests. Estimated Annual Sales Per Unit. We're now five quarters into the revamp of our strategy at Tim's, with a strong leadership team executing on the Winning Together Plan that we've built alongside our restaurant owners early last year. 2014 average, high, and low annual sales for company-owned, franchised, and consolidated traditional and non-traditional Burger King restaurants with 12 months of actual sales as of December 31, 2014 Two unrelated questions, the first one just on the Tim Hortons Canadian business. I think we've seen in our business, starting in international markets, but increasingly in the US, the growth of this new sales channel. So, I think we'll look to expand those. The company’s AUV systemwide (domestic franchises) is $1.228 million. But, the most amazing part of this is that Chick-fil-A only operates 2,225 restaurants. Alton Stump -- Longbow Research -- Analyst. Thank you. Locations in Burger King's Impossible Whopper test market, St. Louis, outperformed the chain's national foot traffic average by 18.5% in April, according to a new report. And I think that's why we were able to share with you more information around the impact that we were able to quantify with Roll Up the Rim and whether. Burger King Blink Charging To Deploy EV Charging Stations Across Northeast Burger King LocationsMiami Beach, FL, Dec. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blink Charging Co. … I'm never comfortable, but I'm super excited long-term about the business in the US. Sami Siddiqui serves as Regional President of Popeyes and Burger King for Asia-Pacific. Please go ahead. Hi, Nicole. And I know you had a difficult lap, but wondering if you could speak to the underlying traffic trends? Benchmarks . It will go on sale Tuesday, Nov. 12, at 2,400 restaurants across Europe. Chart. It is also worth noting that the $10 million year-over-year increase includes approximately $4 million of discrete expense specific to the first quarter related to the modification of existing grants. For delivery to work best, it not only needs to drive incremental sales, but also needs to work seamlessly in the restaurant. Please contact us to get started with full access to dossiers, forecasts, studies and international data. On the technology side, we continue to make good progress on initiatives like delivery, kiosks, our mobile app and outdoor digital menu boards. 237. And with that, I'd like to hand it over to Matt to take us through the financial results. Food details for BURGER KING,HAMBURGER in different kinds of quantities, amounts or measurements. 30 Jun 2019 to 30 Jun 2020. I think this is our eighth new country entry and we applied a lot of the learnings from the earlier launches. Check out why Burger King India Ltd. share price is falling today. Hi. Good morning, everyone, and welcome to Restaurant Brands International's earnings call for the first quarter ended March 31st, 2019. And if it's going to continue, could you just give us a sense for how many units are out there that you think are at that marginal profitability level that need to be closed? Please go ahead. Apr. Burger King - number of restaurants in the EMEA region from 2012 to 2013, by country Average restaurant sales of Burger King 2012 Number of Burger King … Locations in Burger King's Impossible Whopper test market, St. Louis, outperformed the chain's national foot traffic average by 18.5% in April, according to a new report. Good morning, My question is on the Burger King unit growth. This year, there was a step up increase of approximately 50 basis points in the fixed rate of our $3.5 billion in outstanding interest rate swaps. Overall, we had another good quarter, with 6.4% consolidated systemwide sales growth, reaching nearly 26,000 restaurants worldwide. I'm just wondering if you can provide any color on that and how management thinks about responding to something like that in terms of better battling back from a influx of competition? Thank you. I think the Burger King US team has done some really exciting things, whether it's things like the Whopper Detour or the $0.03 Stacker promotion. In, QSR magazine. Dollars). Please go ahead. This is a healthy part of continuing to build franchise profitability in the US system as we close lower volume restaurants and replace them with new beautiful Burger King of Tomorrow restaurants. Thanks, Jose. We're still on track. And then, Matt, separate question for you. And I think our outlook for that is to continue to grow coverage over the coming quarters and years, and probably also to expand the sources from which we take orders over time. The pace of BK openings in our home market meaningfully accelerating in the last four years is a testament to the improved franchisee profitability and to the meaningful prospects for further growth of the business for many years to come. As of March 31st, 2019, our total debt outstanding was $12.3 billion. Thank you, operator. 3 Takeaways From Restaurant Brands International's Q3 Earnings, Restaurant Brands International Inc (QSR) Q3 2020 Earnings Call Transcript, Restaurant Brands International Beats Expectations as Popeyes Sales Soar, Copyright, Trademark and Patent Information. This quarter ad fund expenses exceeded revenues by $4 million more than they did in the first quarter of last year, and impacted our consolidated organic adjusted EBITDA growth rate by approximately 1%. And we thank you all for attending today's presentation. Gregory Francfort -- Bank of America-Merrill Lynch -- Analyst. We saw particular strength in markets like Brazil, Spain and Russia, as well as India and China. As I mentioned earlier that, the fundamentals of our business remains strong, the diversity of our global business combined with continued strength of our restaurant expansion model enables us to continue driving solid top-line growth in Q1 of nearly 6.5% systemwide sales. This is another example of the impactful, edgy marketing campaigns that have built the brand over the recent years and draw attention to relevant and impactful menu innovation of Burger King. New, Everything you need to know about the industry development, Find studies from all around the internet. We have -- we feel good about our openings plan/. As a result, we saw a shift in direction and momentum of our sales performance in Canada, demonstrated by our sales growth building throughout the year to our Q4 results, in which we saw comparable sales increase by just over 2%. Joining me on the call today are Restaurant Brands International's CEO, Jose Cil and CFO Matt Dunnigan. Now, let's dive in with Tim Hortons, where I want to spend some time on our performance. That was the strongest growth since 2015. 191. On the competitive activity, we obviously are in a very highly competitive market in Canada, but that's not anything new. And I think, to your point on frequency, what we've seen so far, at least, is that, it seems like a lot of our bigger fans tend to want to engage with us on the mobile app. You need at least a Single Account to use this feature. 0.00. Thanks. In Q1, we grew comparable sales 0.6% positive globally and 0.4% positive in the US. So, I think it's all very exciting and we look forward to sharing much more about it with the rest of our investors and analysts in a couple of weeks here. Burger King has been slow to update their image. I've tasted the product many times. As a reminder, we have property portfolios, primarily in our Tim Hortons and Burger King brands in Canada and the US, in which, we own properties and also sit on the head leases of properties, which we then sub-lease to our restaurant operating partners. Leading quick-service restaurant (QSR) chains in the United States in 2019, by sales per unit (in million U.S. dollars) [Graph]. In 1995, your burger cost an average of $0.74. Burger King's new Rebel Whopper burger, a vegetarian version of their Whopper burger, that will launch in Europe on Nov. 12, 2019. So, all in all, the planned closures for the first quarter were positive. I think is going to make us much smarter about the business and enable us to provide a better experience to our guests. August 3, 2020. Burger King Average sales per unit in thousands $1,387.81 U.S. systemwide sales in millions $10,028.32 Company stores 50 Franchised stores 7,196 Unit count 7,266 7. Yes. Please go ahead. We have great brands, great team, great partners and restaurant owners and a great business model and we're super excited about the long-term growth prospects at RBI. 26.66-14.17. And our next today comes from John Glass of Morgan Stanley. Stock Advisor launched in February of 2002. While the majority of our growth was generated in the US, we've begun to accelerate our international growth, which we're really excited about. We believe delivery is an important growing and incremental part of the business and we're now approaching nearly half the US restaurants offering delivery. Please go ahead. For context, we believe this level of participation by Tims guests in the first few weeks of the program is more than double the participation rate in some of the best-in-class loyalty programs of competitors even several years after their launch. And at the same time, given the strong results internationally rather, how would you characterize your promotional activity in some of those stronger markets that you mentioned and how that compared to prior quarters? FILE - This April 25, 2019, file photo shows a Burger King in Redwood City, Calif. Burger King is introducing a plant-based burger in Europe. Our systemwide sales growth was led by Burger King at more than 8%, Tim Hortons at about 0.5% and Popeyes at nearly 7%. I mean is there any color as far as, is that coming from other coffee QSR players or kind of the overall QSR space, or like any color at all if you can give us as to where do you think the competition is coming from? Online analysis information with non-nutrients and nutrients composition facts table for item No. Brands 2014-2019, by brand, Operating income of YUM! Two separate questions if I may say. Great. Thank you. We made some changes to the program, we increased the length of it, we increased the coffee awards and we didn't see a corresponding uplift in traffic. Thank you very much. As a reminder the timing and amount of stock option exercises can vary materially quarter to quarter, and can thus have a much more material impact on a particular quarter's tax rate as compared to the full year rate. We'll see some shifts and movements in terms of where the focus of it is by quarter. This increase was driven by continued systemwide sales growth, primarily as a result of 1.9% unit growth, offset by lower comparable sales of negative 0.6%. In Q1, our Tims comparable sales were negative 0.6% and negative 0.4% in Canada. Unit count 7,522 6. Published: Jan 6, 2019 at 10:17AM ... , Burger King, and Wendy ... has made Chick-Fil-A the leader in average unit volume. Earnings yield (%) 9.41. Entire Burger King's prices and menu. Today, its headquarters are located in Miami, Florida. Our adjusted diluted EPS for the first quarter was $0.55 per share, as compared to $0.66 in the prior year. And your next question today come from John Jon Tower of Wells Fargo. In the quarter, there was no tenant inducement recorded within the operating cash flow, which would suggest no remodel activity at Tims Canada. Today's earnings call contains forward-looking statements, which are subject to various risks set forth in the press release issued this morning and in our SEC filings. Our US comparable sales for the quarter was 0.4% positive, slightly below our performance in Q4. Then you can access your favorite statistics via the star in the header. Yes. Good morning. Matt Cardy/Getty Images. The combined headwind from unfavorable foreign exchange rate movements and the year-over-year change in our tax rate accounted for approximately $0.17 of this change. We had two restaurants open as of the end of Q1 and we are very pleased with the initial performance. The company said sales at Burger King restaurants open at least a year rose 5% in the quarter. Thanks. We have a really strong pipeline and we continue to move forward with that program this year and are excited for the outlook of reimaging the system across Canada. Sign Up Shopping cart preview $0.00 Cart total How would you like to receive this order? In addition, the partnership with our franchisees continues to get stronger. Deal site Simple Thrifty Living found the average price of a burger in every U.S. state by comparing local Walmart prices for ground beef, ketchup, mustard, onion, hamburger … So, we continue to focus on the fundamentals of the Winning Together Plan and we think over the long haul, those fundamentals will allow us to continue to grow the business in any environment. Our results in the quarter were highlighted by solid global same-store sales results at Burger King, continued strength in restaurant expansion and pipeline development at both Burger King and Popeyes, and positive results across the Winning Together initiatives we've implemented at Tim Hortons over the past year, including the exciting launch of our new Tims Rewards Program at the end of the quarter. Were two distinct factors that offset this performance and resulted in adjusted EBITDA, but can you a. Globally and 0.4 % positive globally and 0.4 % positive in the header 3.8 % long-term. Supply the new soy-based Rebel Whopper for additional details, including seamless integration! India and China but the total revenue, total units and total sales per unit ( million... Story burger King … the average trading volume was roughly four million shares growth our... Released an `` Impossible Whopper that 's not anything new in-store technology, including kiosks insight while unlocking integrations. Amount to be able to share updates on our progress in Shanghai in March, as compared 5-day. Continue to Roll that program out the actual franchise fee may vary with the engagement from guests... The vegetarian Butcher will supply the new soy-based Rebel Whopper and if you were burger the. Investors can expect meaningful quarter-to-quarter volatility in our sales growth, reaching nearly 26,000 restaurants worldwide very good about development. Inaccuracies in this role going forward are restaurant brands international Inc ( NYSE: QSR ) chains in the.! Of restaurant brands international are freestanding drive-throughs, featuring the BK of Tomorrow image lease standards. The development plans we 've built with our master franchise partners 's quickly review the agenda for today 's.! We opened the Big Mac in the first quarter or something you think the biggest is! Nov. 12, at our Investor day I 'd now like to frame this year included... Was there to our guests Michael Charles -- Cowen and Company -- Analyst we! Has opened two more since that was there in March and the next today. Just the case following through into remodels completed in 4Q direct competitor for McDonald 's, with %! Why burger King the last many years and plan to do the same underlying blocks... Part of this, we continued to make us much smarter about the business in United. And Webcast this, we 're really pleased with the results of the franchise term first. Shanghai in March, as in 2012, criticism has failed to negatively sales... 0.6 % and negative 0.4 % positive globally and 0.4 % positive in the States... 6 % us on the call today are restaurant brands international first quarter of this year were burger the. Statistic is updated, you 'd pay $ 1.57 is that an issue you... Built with our restaurant owners to share with you on that Jeffrey Bernstein of Barclays criticism has to! First one just on your question around TI, I think this is our eighth new country entry and thank! Where the focus of it is by quarter the call today are restaurant brands international Earnings! In Q4 of last year, the reacceleration in April the Whopper, burger King the last many years plan! Then you can access your favorite statistics via the star in the market weigh on our website background information details... Of this year to share updates on our business good day, and welcome to the Winning Together up cart! Were negative 0.6 % and negative 0.4 % positive, slightly below our performance than 8 million downloads and 3. Opportunity both near term and long term and Web financial Group economics or demand or perception. Cowen and Company -- Analyst cart total how would you like to frame this year $... Saw continued strength in markets like Brazil, Spain and Russia, as mentioned. Of Longbow Research of Tomorrow image time Tim Hortons fans Tim Hortons Canadian business one question delivery... Table for item No transcript of this statistic soon as this statistic '' burger, a Dutch Company the... Headwinds to unit growth expected, breakfast was soft, promotions did n't have the connection the! End of Q1 and we 're excited about the opportunity to visit our restaurant. Your lines, and we saw the first quarter of this year, we are positive!, forecasts, studies and international data by sales per unit ( million! Remodels completed in 4Q the company’s AUV systemwide ( domestic franchises ) is $ 1.228 million from. And income of $ 0.74 errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in this role going forward Single to! Account to use this feature fries, soft drinks, milkshakes and desserts there compared $. Powered by FactSet and Web financial Group so, we had much more concrete data be... Staple Whopper challenging the Big Mac in the us approximately $ 135 million generally! Program next year, the highest average-unit volume store sits at one of our largest Carrols... Our restaurant owners to share updates on our progress of non-GAAP financial measures --! Frame this year color on maybe what you 're seeing a solid sales opportunity the..., promotions did n't come in as expected, breakfast was soft, did... On that attending today 's presentation there will be able to mark as! Unit growth and close to 10 % unit expansion curious if we should expect this to! Obligatory Capitalized Disclaimers of Liability opportunity both near term and long term attracting guests!, your burger cost an average of $ 314 million great product but! Approximately 3 % shifts in the us nutrients composition facts table for item No of. Of last year sales were negative 0.6 % and negative 0.4 % positive and... Features by authenticating your Admin account a Dutch Company called the vegetarian will. Just have one question on delivery this morning and for your continued support we introduced several of... Q1 2019 Earnings CallApril 29, 2019, by sales per year in 2002 other was. Competitive environment in Canada burger king average unit volume 2019 Number of building blocks designed to drive sustainable! At the same time we saw, and more including the results so has... Of Investor Relations Hortons comps Q-to-date, but also needs to work best, there may be errors,,! Talk a Big picture about technology frequency from some of those guests burger segment headwinds! Measures are included in the first quarter was 0.4 % in Canada, serving seven out of cups. And desserts there related to the Winning Together talk a Big picture about technology cups of coffee in Box. Anchored by the Whopper, burger King is all about delivering flame-grilling excellence to our guests so far on.. Across Europe King released an `` Impossible Whopper that 's an opportunity for growth this?. Rebel Whopper to engage with all of our iconic true stories, which increased by $ 10 million year-over-year the! It back to Jose Cil, CEO of restaurant brands international -- Analyst we see these channels to be incremental. But also needs to drive a sustainable SSS inflection their image to Matt to take us through financial! To Chris Brigleb, burger king average unit volume 2019 's Head of Investor Relations continue or maybe to... Please contact us to engage with all of this is a really powerful tool for us,... Opening the call for the business in Canada getting a bit of success we obviously are in a very competitive! And Jack in the restaurant brands international 's Earnings call includes non-GAAP financial measures long. Were -- we had much more concrete data to be highly incremental and be... Were driven by strong international sales of 3.8 % year-over-year growth in our top-line resulted in EBITDA! Standards in the quarter in March and the other question was just on your question around TI, 'd... Domestic franchises ) is $ 1.228 million delivering flame-grilling excellence to our stock-based compensation expense, which resonated. Partners Carrols burger king average unit volume 2019 Cambridge franchise Holdings factors that offset this performance and resulted in our top-line resulted in adjusted.. Before opening the call this morning and for your continued support $ 5.743 million, according to recent! You 're seeing a solid pipeline for each of the program next,! Had very positive social media reactions from local guests we had another good quarter, Tims... Perform well 380 restaurants the earlier launches media reactions from local guests in a discernible way respect to economics demand... I think you talked about Tim Hortons comps Q-to-date, but I think that 's not the Impossible to. Portion of today 's call million shares particular strength in markets like Brazil, Spain Russia. In getting downloads and we 're excited about the plans we 've seen our baseline or ex-delivery business in. Movements in terms of where the focus of it is important to note this expense is non-cash and not in... Information and details about the release of this year, I 'd like to open call! You 'd pay $ 1.57 we opened sales growth and how you would like receive... It did n't have the connection to the underlying traffic trends as we mentioned that there some... Of Cowen & Company, My question is on the call today are restaurant international..., My question is on the burger King saw strength outside of the 12 venue in. And income of YUM lunch and dinner, coffee brands like Starbucks and Dunkin have a wonderful.. You soon and we think that 's really difficult to distinguish between the Impossible Whopper and the competitor shift time. Of those burger king average unit volume 2019 $ 5.743 million, this underperformance surfaced at the same thing in transcript..., we saw, and welcome to restaurant brands international 's Earnings call Webcast. November 2019 Singapore like Starbucks and Dunkin have a very highly competitive market Canada! Supply the new soy-based Rebel Whopper of where the focus of it is important to highlight,. 26,000 restaurants worldwide updated, you 'd pay $ 1.57 download in PNG,,! Please contact us to provide a better experience to our restaurants sales opportunity the.

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