Courgetti Basil Kale Pesto, £2.50 As you get older, you need fewer calories to maintain your weight, but your nutrient needs remain about the same. For over 25 years, we've been cooking and delivering delicious frozen meals for you to enjoy whenever you like. Buy from Well Meals | Dinners from £5.50 (minimum order £40). BirdsEye Soft Meals … We are one of the largest specialised meal delivery services in the UK, with over 25 years expericence and boasting a range of over 350 meals and desserts. All rights reserved. Love Food Ready Meals is a private company providing food deliveries. Whatever your fitness goal is, Fresh Fitness Food (FFF) will go all out to help … Alternatively there’s the Macro Plan, which will provide meals tailored to your precise specifications. To help us improve GOV.UK, we’d like to know more about your visit today. It is not targeted specifically at elderly people, and the food is more expensive than some of the other services on the list, but you may want to take a look. Next you pick how many meals you want each week. This delivery service is all about weight loss, with two different low-calorie meal plans available – 1,200 and 1,800 calories. We understand the importance of considering your options; making sure that the ones you care for are looked after and well fed, especially if they are elderly or have special dietary requirements. Silver Cuisine By BistroMD. Ready-to-enjoy is the name of the game at Fresh N’ Lean, a subscription meal plan which caters to a variety of diets like paleo, plant-based and low-carb with a focus on seasonal ingredients. While some meals were less enjoyable than others – we often find that stir-fries and pasta dishes are diminished by microwave reheating more than curries and stews – none of the meals were truly disappointing. 'Who doesn't love courgetti, especially when paired with... 3. Buy from The Transformation Chef | Six-meal starter box £34.95, complete plan £74.95-£79.95. Fruit, yogurt, & granola parfaits. No other company in the UK … Oats are rich in fiber. A ready meal range designed to cater for Britain’s growing elderly population is rolling into Booths stores this week. You can, for example, order a Christmas dinner delivery of the special diet meals for seniors. Your council or other local organisations may provide meals delivered to your home, if you are eligible. The Best Senior Meals Delivery Services. All your food arrives pre-made between midnight and 6am, so all you need to do is heat it up between crushing it at work and the gym. As with all microwave meal services we’ve tried we felt the need to add some extra vegetables on the side, but Gymology did do a good job of mixing up the vegetables in each meal. Choosing an old favourite or being adventurous with new flavours can be as easy as picking from a menu, thanks to the extensive range available at Wiltshire Farm Foods. 'A nutritious and delicious blend that delivers on protein... 2. You can get a dhal or curry and then make your own rice (although you can order the rice from PEP Kitchen too). The supermarket is stocking four single-serve On The Menu products (rsp: £2.29) - pot roast … The meals are all gluten-free, dairy-free and under 500 calories, and they take less than eight minutes to reheat. The complete meal experience for the elderly, bringing taste back to ready-made meals. The meals, which have a 12-month shelf-life, were recently listed by Nisa Retail and are now in 350 Nisa stores. For over 25 years, we've been cooking and delivering delicious frozen meals for you to enjoy whenever you like. Freshology – Best Overall Meal Delivery. Share or comment on this article: New range of ready meals … for the stringy, rubbery and hard vegetables such as corn, celery, lotus root, and kale. So Gymology deserves plaudits for the way it has simplified that process, making it easier to order what you want than with other brands we’ve tried. Despite any stereotypes, recipes and meals for the elderly don’t have to be bland or boring. Oakhouse Foods are an experienced and reliable provider frozen ready meals delivered direct to your door. And if you’re feeling especially flush you can even discuss your nutritional needs with one of Pure Package’s advisors and get a personalised meal plan. The ready-meal industry is now worth £2.3bn a year, thanks in part to elderly shoppers who feel too tired to cook. This favourite recipe provides a warm dessert which is cooked in the oven alongside other dishes. Generous portions, high quality delicious casseroles. SAINSBURY'S When a recipe box service starts catering for all manner of fitness goals, allergies and dietary preferences, it can become very complicated for people to actually select the meals they want from the website. These microwave meals provide balanced, delicious meals rather than cutting calories – frankly it’s nothing short of ready meals at their finest. We’d also have liked clearer nutritional information on the packaging – you have to go to the Chefly website to get any info, and even there you only get protein, carbs, fat and calories. All rights reserved. So that we can make sure your shopping experience is as quick and easy as possible, we need to find your local Wiltshire Farm Foods outlet. All the meals are between 400-500 calories (or 600-700 calories for large portions), and include a big serving of veg. Standouts included the Beef Brisket Massaman Curry and the vegan Sheepless Shepherd’s Pie. Best match for: Seniors looking to get diabetes-friendly meals. Also in the menu of the Christmas dinner delivery are portion controlled meals, low sodium meals and diabetes friendly meals. Cognitive difficulties with remembering how to prepare nutritious meals or with remembering to eat at all; Fatigue and a lack of motivation or desire to prepare meals; Changing nutritional needs due to age-related physical changes in the body Seniors require a nutrient-dense diet — … It’s a supremely convenient service, which makes it easy to eat healthily and puts you in the best possible place to achieve your fitness goals. Flavour is foremost with any meal service, and Tastily also backs it up with a range of options that’s large enough to satisfy all comers but not so large as to make picking your meals a chore – thanks partly to the impressively easy-to-use website. Elderly people often suffer from poor digestion that leads to constipation … Pre-portioned meals will allow your loved one to pick and choose from the freezer and have a healthy meal ready in … We tried a range of meals in all the combination of categories and were never disappointed. My research has taken me to several supplier websites such as Country Home Foods, Wiltshire Farm Foods and Oakhouse Foods and all seem to be very similar in what they offer. There’s a good range of veg too, even within the same meal, so you’re getting a welcome variety of nutrients. extra virgin olive oil. You can also choose how many meals to get on the plan, right up to two snacks, three meals, and even pudding. Another ready-meal delivery service that picks your menu based on your fitness goals, including weight loss, training support and, intriguingly, longevity. I am looking to set up a supplier of frozen ready meals for my elderly mother. It also has an easy-to-navigate website that provides in-depth nutritional details for every meal, and those meals are very tasty indeed, which is the most important factor of all, of course. Curly Kale. The meals are impressively tasty, though if you stick with FFF for a few weeks you’ll notice some staple ingredients which can make it a little repetitive. Frozen Ready Meals Our great range of ready meals take the stress out of feeding the family – and make meal-times super easy. Meals for Senior Citizens. The hefty portions on the muscle gain plan do cost a little extra, as is only fair, with fat loss meals costing £5.75 (or £6.50 if you opt for the protein-heavy performance option) and muscle gain meals costing £7 (performance £7.75). The meals are delivered on Wednesdays, come in recyclable packaging and need just three minutes in the microwave. If you’re training hard to pack on muscle or set PBs in running events, you might want to look at something like Fresh Fitness Food instead, but if you’re trying to lose weight, Balance Box will take care of your diet for you. There are also bigger bundles that contain several meals for one or sets of sharing meals for a dinner party. We opted for the balanced portion size, rather than lite, which are 20% smaller for those looking to lose weight, or max, where the portions are ramped up for those looking to build mass or support a particularly intense training regime. We ate 10 of the meals on the menu, and highlights were the butternut and mango madras and the shepherd-less pie. The portion sizes were just about enough to satisfy on a day when we’d not done too much activity beyond commuting to and from the office, but if you’re hitting the gym or running most days, you may find you need a big pudding to fill your stomach. You can also order FFF’s meals in frozen form, which makes it easy to have a stock of healthy options available to you at any time. The meals all take ten minutes or less to reheat, and none of the four meals and two sharing boxes I tried suffered from being frozen. Find the right service for your parent You can also order renal diet meals or dialysis friendly meals. Beautifully Balanced Red Thai Chicken Curry, £2.50 Even if you opt for the fat loss package, there is a lot of food each day so you can be sure you won’t go hungry, which can be a problem with meal delivery services. It’s a great idea – PEP does the hard work on the star dish and you just add your preferred sundries to bulk it out to a meal for two. The meals come in recyclable packaging that you can stick straight in the microwave, and there are options to suit vegetarians, vegans and pescatarians as well as omnivores. There’s full nutritional information for each meal on the PEP Kitchen website, as well as useful summaries provided such as high protein or less than X calories, plus information on how many of your five-a-day the meal provides to help you choose. Beef & barley soup As well as meals for one, PEP Kitchen sells dishes that are designed to be shared. I’m an active, not to mention greedy, person not looking to lose any weight though. The meals come in plastic containers that don’t provide a lot in the way of detail – there’s no nutritional information and the cooking instructions don’t go beyond “microwave until piping hot”. All were tasty enough but didn’t knock my socks off, and the portion sizes were also a little small for me so I’d add side dishes at home even to the full meals. FFF’s packages start at £23 a day but that’s if you order 100 days’ worth, which would be a real display of commitment from the get-go. Our menu is bursting with over 300 brilliantly easy meals to brighten your day, delivered free … We’d like to see more nutritional info on the Prep Kitchen website, which currently just shows the calories, protein, fat and carbs for each meal.

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