Location: South Australia, Australia. While farming alone contributed $132.8 billion to the US economy, the industry's reach extends far beyond the soil. In 2017, global market research company Mintel found "widespread mistrust" among consumers in how food is made. In 1967, the Iowa native struck a deal with McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc to supply the fast-food giant with frozen french fries. Amazingly, Australia has 8 out of the top 10 largest farms in the world, making it a truly Agri-Superpower. Rice. The King built dams. While there are more than 2 million farms across the US, farmers and ranchers make up just 1.3% of the labor force. Made In NYC | Stan Kroenke 6. In the 1970s, he bought 2,500 acres of oranges and lemons in Kern County that were being fire-saled. Family farms play a dominant role in U.S. agriculture. That makes up 41% of the contiguous US, and is roughly equal to the size of India. Today, the Fanjuls own more than 200 square miles of farmland in Florida’s Everglades Agricultural Area, where they produce sugarcane and row crops. Texas was by far the leading U.S. state in terms of total number of farms, with about 247 thousand farms by the end of 2019. Not land owned by the states or tribal lands or church lands, but deeded land owned by individuals, families, and their corporate entities, including trusts and not-for-profits. It is located on the intersection of I-80 and Highway 93. This list may not reflect recent changes (). The Resnicks’ FIJI Water? 76.4% of retail CFD accounts lose money, Mark Rightmire/Digital First Media/Orange County Register via Getty Images, Mario De Fina / NurPhoto via Getty Images, Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our. Rice is grown exclusively in the southern U.S. and California with three different types of rice … Welfare to wealthy farmers: Over $11 billion in farm subsidies flowed to just 6,618 recipients who received at least $1 million since 2008. Who are they? 1 food export. In addition, J.G. While stigma around treatment and a lack of mental health professionals in the area doesn't exactly help, many have been able to find support on Twitter. This state mostly produces animal products, cotton, and dairy which it sells across the state, the US, and worldwide. Why? Peter Buck [Up 311,000 Acres] 8. Meanwhile, tariff wars call into question the financial viability of major crops like soybeans, America's No. 10 Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics •University of California Corporate farms accounted for $12.58 billion (36.9%) of California’s $34.125 billion of 2007 product sales and farm payments. In 2015, these farms accounted for 99 percent of U.S. farms and 89 percent of production. The US Department of Agriculture estimates that 90% of crop losses in the US are because of extreme weather. ack Simplot (1909-2008) was a farmer’s farmer. Plus500. Read more:13 mind-blowing facts about Florida's economy. Type: Cattle farm. 1. Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice. We mapped them by ZIP Code across America. Mike Pearson, a farmer who uses the community, told PBS that the #AgTwitter community lacks the "toxic negativity" of political Twitter and has been a source of both information and support. Irving Limited, dubbed "one of Canada's richest and most … Not land owned by Uncle Sam. According to CareerAddict, some of the most lucrative positions available in the field include agricultural economists, who forecast trends and advise clients for an average of $105,000 per year, and agricultural lawyers, who handle cases dealing with proper land use, environmental protection and labor laws for an average of $115,820 per year. Earlier this year, record-breaking cold in January and intense snowfall in February led to flooding in the Midwest that may have cost the US as much as $3 billion as pastures and crops went underwater. Under this definition, the National Agricultural Statistics Service’s Census of Agriculture reported that family farms account for almost 96 percent of the 2,204,792 farms in the United States. The Offutts also own RDO Equipment, which sells and services agriculture, construction, environmental, positioning, surveying, and irrigation equipment from manufacturers including John Deere, Vermeer, and Topcon. Cresud. But the US soybean industry may be in jeopardy: On Thursday, a report stated China has halted imports of American soybeans amid the escalating trade war with the US. Offutt Farms is a family-owned potato farming operation based in Fargo, North Dakota. During the most recent harvest, Florida Crystals processed 5.7 million tons of sugarcane on 152,000 acres, yielding 676,000 tons of raw sugar and 30 million gallons of blackstrap molasses. The US farming industry is in a massive state of transition. That’s the smallest number of acres owned on the most recent Land Report 100. Land Sale Insider: La Porte County, Indiana farm averages $7,600 per acre, Ag real estate company Schuil & Associates adds mobile app, Farmers have short window to sign up for ARC, PLC in 2021, Farmers, advocates concerned about Vilsack’s record on dairy issues. Irving Family 7. Brad Kelley [Down 10,016 Acres] 9. And he grew more cotton than anyone imagined possible. While soy may conjure images of tofu, the plant is heavily used for cooking oils and feed for livestock, especially as incomes in China rise and the demand for meat and dairy ticks up. Emmerson Family [Up 121,932 Acres] 3. While farmland may stretch far and wide, farmers and ranchers themselves make up just 1.3% of the employed US population, totaling around 2.6 million people. This mistrust has helped usher in support for farmers' markets and growing food at home. Simplot’s heirs oversee a $2.5 billion agricultural powerhouse that has interests in farming, ranching and cattle production, food processing, phosphate mining, fertilizer manufacturing, and other endeavors. The chairman of Liberty Media takes top honors as the largest private landowner in the country. Texas has over 130 million acres of land under farming, approximately 99% of which are family owned. In addition to its sugar mills, sugar refinery, and rice mill, the family owns and operates North America’s largest biomass power plant. As for which states lead the way in agriculture sales, California is first with nine of the 10 top counties by value of sales. He made enemies and cultivated politicos in Sacramento. All Rights Reserved. Not surprisingly, leading landowners such as the Fanjuls lost everything. Of the company’s 443,000 acres, 82,500 of them are farmland, primarily in western Idaho and eastern Washington. That chapter came to a close when Fidel Castro overthrew Fulgencio Batista during the Cuban Revolution. ». He sure got bit bad. Approximately 17 percent of U.S. farms (346,489 farms to be exact) are considered “retirement farms” — that is, their operators are officially retired but still grow a little bit on a small scale. The family subsequently relocated to South Florida where Alfonso and Pepe Fanjul began their only-in-America story by founding Florida Crystals Corporation. New hires may find themselves in a lab, an office or perhaps even an open-concept coworking space. You may also be interested in our newsletter’s regular Corporate Farming Notes column. Simplot Family - 82,500 farmland acres. serial entrepreneur, Stewart Resnick has applied his Midas touch to enterprises as varied as janitorial services and burglar alarms and to brands such as Teleflora and the Franklin Mint. Because no one understands dirt better than a farmer. Irving Family — 1.246 million acres. They also target consumers who predominantly shop at local farmers' markets and want to make sure the food they pick up at the store doesn't carry a significant carbon footprint. Here are some examples of our current and past work to combat consolidation and protect family farms and ranches. Today, the average farm size is 444 acres. With that single transaction, his Boise-based J.R. Simplot Company went from supplying a fraction of McDonald’s spuds to prepping the lion’s share of one of America’s favorite guilty pleasures, the commercial french fry. However, only 150,000 acres are in crops, 575,000 acres are in pasture and the remainder is undeveloped. Boswell Tomato Company prides itself on its farm-to-table approach. All rights reserved. Don’t Look, But a Couple of Mega-Companies Are About to Take Over Your Food Supply A rumored marriage between two ag behemoths could make life tough for farmers in a whole new way. ack Simplot (1909-2008) was a farmer’s … According to agricultural science company Corteva, new technology powered by the Internet of Things has the ability to trace the journey taken by a single piece of fruit or stalk of celery on its way to the grocery store. Is it safe? It maintains complete control of its tomatoes from seed to field and even through processing. That’s a big difference. From their website they do not appear to hide the fact that they are so big. But I was excited to tour the 2 percent — a corporate farm owned by J.R. Simplot Company, where they have more than 150,000 head of beef cattle and over a hundred employees at this one Idaho location.It’s a real live “corporate” farm that may also be referred to as a “factory” farm. The 5 Biggest Farms in The World: Rank: Farm They even have a partnership with Ford to produse the leatherwork for their elite truck series, the " King Ranch " Edition which features their symbol almost as prominently as the Ford logo. Cresud controls around 1.6 million acres of land, mostly owned. To see all exchange delays and terms of use, please see https://www.barchart.com/solutions/terms. Commerce Policy | Pingree Heirs 12. The Boswell family’s farms became (and remain) top producers of the extra-long staple pima cotton that goes into fabric blends and high-end apparel. According to PBS NewsHour, rural areas have had some of the highest suicide rates of any geographic area in the United States, and suicide rates among farmers and agricultural workers actually outnumbered homicide rates between 1992 and 2010. Typically, even farms that fall under the “corporate farm” definition have no more than 10 shareholders and have likely incorporated for tax and management purposes. Brunette Downs is the third largest farm in the Northern Territory of Australia. For the next five decades, he lorded over California’s Central Valley, tripling his family’s holdings and revolutionizing the arid landscape by converting large tracts not previously used for irrigated agriculture. The smart labels are meant to assuage fears consumers may have about where their food comes from. Smart technology is not only changing what it means to work in agriculture, but also how Americans interact with their food on a daily basis. Malone blames his good friend Ted Turner for giving him the land bug. The company actively engages research teams at the University of Minnesota and North Dakota State University to develop the most environmentally friendly practices while maintaining high-quality crops. Other farming activities include commercial feedlots and artificial insemin… It currently operates as a cattle ranch and a farm. While farmland may stretch far … Jobs in agriculture don't necessarily take place in a field. The Bom Futuro farm was founded in 1982, and has already grown to be the largest soybean farm in the world, with 555,000 acres of just soybeans! Stock quotes by finanzen.net. Meanwhile, in the West, total losses from the wildfires in Northern and Southern Californiahave topped $12 billion. When Successful Farming magazine approached us about profiling the top U.S. farmland owners, we jumped at the opportunity. Disclaimer | Head of … Ethical? And in the south, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service economists reported last year's Hurricane Harvey caused more than $200 million in crop and livestock losses. © 2020 Meredith Corporation. The first figure is 150,000 acres. According to the USDA, 98 percent of farms in the U.S. are family farms. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Before we dive in, keep two figures in mind. Pages in category "Agriculture companies of the United States" The following 119 pages are in this category, out of 119 total. (Three families tied with that amount.) THE FULL LIST: AMERICA’S 100 LARGEST LANDOWNERS 2019. Reed Family [Down 2,937 Acres] 5. Despite Trump's trade war, Chicago-based ADM as well as rivals Cargill and Bunge just inked soybean-delivery deals with China. Area: 4,200,000 acres. Family farms exclude farms organized as nonfamily corporations or cooperatives, as well as farms with hired managers”. © 2020 Insider Inc. and finanzen.net GmbH (Imprint). Read on for nine surprising facts about the US farming industry. Agriculture giant Cargill, the largest private company in America, remains way ahead of its peers with more than three times the sales of runner … He diverted rivers. It is currently owned by the Australian Agricultural Company and the size of the farm … “Everything is bigger in Texas,” is a common saying that reflects also the size and number of farms in this state. The strategy focuses on cozying up to corporate agribusiness, seeking endorsements from the Republican-aligned Farm Bureau, embracing Republican approaches to slashing environmental regulation, and … You can sign up for our newsletter here. Independence Valley Farm and Ranch (Elko County, Nevada) One of the flags of the USA, the Independence Valley farm and ranch, covers around 150 thousand acres of land. All https://www.barchart.com/solutions/ is provided by Barchart Solutions. Visit MarketsInsider.com for more stories. Singleton Family 10. The biggest pig farmer in the country is Virginia-based Smithfield Foods, which has nearly a million sows in the US (and more in Mexico and eastern Europe). ounded in 1964, R.D. King Ranch Heirs 11. 1. The largest numbers of cor­ porate farms, 2,674 out of the total 5,750, are fruit and tree nut farms. What's more, it received the second largest corporate subsidy of 2016, with $595.5 million going towards the construction of a tire plant in Hinds County, Miss. Agriculture supplied $1.053 trillion to the US gross domestic product in 2017, which would make it the 16th largest economy in the world if treated as its own country, sandwiched between Mexico and Indonesia. Natural and environmentally friendly? It's also increased the demand for traceability, or the ability to to track every step in the process of food production. Clifton Hills. Corporate Democrats Are Rural America’s Biggest Losers. Northern California’s Emmerson family ranks third nationwide with just under 2 million acres of timberland in the Pacific Northwest. While the average farm size has been increasing approximately two acres per farm each year since 2012, the number of farms is decreasing. The Simplots produce hay, wheat, corn, sweet corn, barley, and potatoes. 5. Today, there are about 2 million farms in operation in the US, a steep decline from 1935, when the number of farms peaked at nearly 7 million. The most memorable deal—though most coverage treated it as a corporate acquisition rather than a resource grab—was the 2013 acquisition of America’s largest producer of pork, the Smithfield Company, by a Chinese company called Shuanghui—which subsequently changed its name to the WH Group. J.D. Lots of potatoes. Meanwhile, back in 1840, workers in the agriculture industry made up 70% of the American workforce. But the beans won't be coming from America's heartland. That’s America’s largest landowner, Colorado’s John Malone. For related content and insights from industry experts, sign up for Successful Farming newsletters. AP Photo/Ted S. Warren. Cresud is the only farm company listed on the Buenos Aires stock exchange and is also listed on Nasdaq. On family farms, the principal operators and their relatives (by blood or marriage) own more than half of the business’s assets—in short, a family owns and operates the farm. At 29, Jim Boswell received a royal bequest: 50,000 acres in the San Joaquin Valley from his uncle and namesake. The Land Report bills itself as the Magazine of the American Landowner, and we back that up by producing the definitive annual survey of the nation’s largest private landowners. 671,000 farmers managing small acreage farms vs. 46,000 farmers managing large farms. See how it works. But farming is also experiencing rapid innovation. $1.053 trillion to the US gross domestic product in 2017, $23.8 billion worth of agricultural products, China has halted imports of American soybeans, may have cost the US as much as $3 billion, total losses from the wildfires in Northern and Southern California, caused more than $200 million in crop and livestock losses, 13 mind-blowing facts about Florida's economy, 8 incredible facts about the booming US marijuana industry », US stocks close at record highs as markets cheer $900 billion stimulus », This service lets you rent Winnebago Mercedes-Benz Sprinter RVs picked up from airports for $199 a day. This list of the top agriculture companies in the world lists leading agriculture firms by their prominence and even provides corporate logos. To truly, appreciate their mega size the largest farm in Ireland is 2400 acres & in the UK’s largest farm is 87,423 acres . One in every seven Texan has an agricultural-related job. Though it was Chinese farmers who domesticated the soybean 3,000 years ago, today around 60% of America's soybean exports go to China. Now we can get to our list of 10 largest grain farms in America. Here are farming’s first families. The Nunley Brothers Ranch in Sabinal, Texas has been family owned and operated for over 70 years. Family farms. 868,523 farms, or 42 percent of America’s farms, are run by people with off-farm jobs. Farms in United States Approximately 40 percent of land in the United States is farmland, with the agricultural sector generating estimated net income of almost $100 billion each year. riends and foes referred to James Boswell II (1923-2009) as “the King of California.” The apt moniker was richly deserved. Texas’ farming sector accounts for $115 billion annually. Today, the couple’s $4 billion Wonderful Company produces scores of high-quality, healthy products such as Wonderful Halos Mandarins, Wonderful Pistachios, Wonderful Almonds, and POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice on their acres in California and Texas. Iowa Select Farms has one of … "Family farm" and "corporate farm" are often defined as mutually exclusive terms, with the two having different interests. The ranch is also among the largest private landowners in the US. Malone’s 2.2 million acres edge out Turner’s 2 million acres. The largest and most profitable agribusinesses, corporations, and agencies are accounted for on this list. For comparison, the same study found that urban areas made up only 3.6% of the total size of the 48 contiguous states. The second figure to consider is 2.2 million acres. eginning in 1850, the Fanjuls produced sugar in their native Cuba for more than a century. Factors such as extreme weather events caused by climate change and loss of arable land caused by development threaten the food supply, while the number of people in the farming industry has been slowly declining for decades. Consolidation in agriculture has been steadily increasing for decades, to the detriment of family and mid-size farms and ranches. This was followed by much larger tracts that companies such as Mobil and Prudential Life were eager to sell. We are starting off with the last out of seven farms which share the fourth place on … This does not even include what they grow for other crops or their pasture land. The King Ranch in south Texas is supposed to be the largest in the US and one of the largest in the world. Futures: at least 10 minute delayed. From the leather ottoman you recently acquired to the IPA calling your name at the bar, countless products and industries rely on agricultural inputs to contribute value to the economy. John Malone 2. The other 2.4 percent of U.S. farms are classified by the USDA as owned by a “nonfamily,” which is divided further into subcategories, including corporate farms. In total, the US exported $23.8 billion worth of agricultural products to China. Ted Turner 4. A study by Bloomberg found that while US agricultural land takes up 391 million acres - a fifth of the land in the 48 contiguous states - only 77.3 million of those acres are used to grow the food we eat, while 800 million acres go toward feeding cows and other livestock. It’s bottled on the island of Viti Levu.

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